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Paula Powell

Director of Animal Services, El Paso Animal Services

Paula was named director of El Paso Animal Services in April of 2018 after spending several months implementing positive changes as interim director and team lead for El Paso's Shelter Reform Taskforce. In this short time as Animal Services' leader, Paula and her team have increased the live release rate from 68 percent to an average of 84 percent.

Besides her commitment to never giving up, Paula has a multitude of management strengths centered on operations and strategic planning. Through numerous improvements to departmental functions and programs, Paula has developed a "we can" mentality for her team, resulting in more lives being saved. In addition to these changes, Paula has also prioritized reporting and accountability of shelter and animal protection operations.

Prior to leading Animal Services, Paula spent 24 years serving the City of El Paso in various operational positions. Before that, Paula served as a 1st Lt in the US Army and was stationed at Fort Bliss. She began her college education at the United States Military Academy and culminated it with her master's in public administration at the University of Texas at El Paso. She received her certification in Shelter Management in 2018 and continues to look for new ways to learn and grow in order to save more of the lives that need us most.

Saturday Feb 2nd, 2019

How to Be the Boss of Your Organization's Save Rate

Clock Icon10:50 am - 12:05 pm
Map Icon Salon 1-2

The only way to stop the deaths of shelter animals is to actually stop the deaths of shelter animals. Sound simple? It sort of is.

Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019

Proactive Return to Owner Programs

Clock Icon10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Map Icon Amphitheater M2 204

Learn about how two very large shelters reached higher live release rates by attaining Return to Owner rates over 25% - way above best practice!

Effective Negotiation Skills and Techniques to Achieve Lifesaving

Clock Icon1:15 pm - 2:30 pm
Map Icon Salon 5-6

Negotiation is an important part of any change. Know when to stand your ground, when to compromise, and most importantly, how to communicate effectively so that people want to help you achieve your goals.

Conquer Fear and Doubt: Managing Your Team Through Change and Controversy

Clock Icon2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Map Icon Salon 5-6

In this session you will learn how to be a motivating people manager and help your team reach their goals – even through change and controversy.

Save Rate: Exceed the 80% Benchmark

Clock Icon4:15 am - 5:15 pm
Map Icon Salon 5-6

Attendees will learn about the experiences of people who successfully broached 80% and beyond save rates.

Keynote Part I: Enlightened Leadership, Daily Decision Making, and Beyond

Clock Icon8:30 am - 9:20 am
Map Icon Zlotnik Ballroom

Join us for this panel discussion and discover how to make decisions that affect the live outcomes on a daily basis.

Monday Feb 4th, 2019

Leadership Roundtables

Clock Icon2:20 pm - 4:20 pm
Map Icon Salon 1-2

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with successful shelter leaders to learn pearls of wisdom and specific strategies.

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