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AmPA! Fundamentals: Becoming No Kill

AmPA! Fundamentals: The 12 Ingredients Required to Reach >90%

Combatting Anti-No Kill Extremism

Every Life Matters: Using Past Data to Plan Better Outcomes

FeLV: What You Need to Know For Shelter Decision Making

Saving Dogs with Behavioral Challenges

Fundraising Fundamentals for Scrappy Organizations Part 1

How to Be the Boss of Your Organization's Save Rate

Create Marketing Momentum with Your No Kill Brand

Bottle Baby 101

Contagious Diseases: Euthanasia is Not the Answer

Know the Law: Liability in Shelters and Rescues

How to Run a Sustainable, Low Budget, No Kill Municipal Shelter

Tail Gate Pawty!

Get Them on Your Team: Engaging and Leveraging Activists to Reach Your Goals

Proactive Adoptions: Moving Pets on a Large Scale

State Level No Kill Advocacy

Distemper is Not a Death Sentence

Scrutinize and Market the Euthanasia List

Solutions for the Top Five Reasons Dogs are Dying in Shelters

Cat Medical Care on a Shoestring Budget

Bottle Baby 102

Save Lives in Space Crises

Luncheon: Texas Initiatives

Why Are Big Dogs So Hard to Save? Identifying and Maintaining Adequate Capacity

Lifesaving in the Deep South

Save Rate: Exceed the 50% Benchmark

Transport Programs: Get Pets to Safety

Birds of a Feather: Happy Hours

Saving All the Community Cats: Live Outcome Options for All Healthy, Outdoor Cats

Combat the Pressure to Kill: Leading with Resilience in Extreme Crisis Panel

No Kill Political Advocacy: How to Gain and Keep Political Support

Proactive Return to Owner Programs

Animal Protection Officers: Using a Community-Based Approach to Measurably Reduce Intake in the Field

Dog Medical Care on a Shoestring Budget

Effective Negotiation Skills and Techniques to Achieve Lifesaving

Fundraising Fundamentals for Scrappy Organizations Part 2

The First 72 Hours: A Model Intake and Animal Flow Process for Disease Prevention

Conquer Fear and Doubt: Managing Your Team Through Change and Controversy

Maddie's® Lifesaving Academy: How Austin is Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Municipal Shelter Leadership: Getting and Starting the Job

High Volume Foster Programs for Cats and Dogs

Save Rate: Exceed the 80% Benchmark

Using YOUR Data for Strategic Planning

Nuts and Bolts of Large Scale Cat and Dog Foster Programs

Demystifying No Kill Laws: The Nuts & Bolts of Ordinances

The Modern Municipal Animal Agency: Targeted Neighborhood Programs to Improve Public Safety and Serve the Community

Leadership Roundtables

Cat Lifesaving Masterclass

Dog Lifesaving Masterclass

Animal Control/Animal Protection/Public Safety Masterclass

Managing Staff to Ensure Accountability

Valuable Volunteer Programs: Successful Programs Proven to Work

The Pet Resource Center: A Better Alternative to Intake Department

Shelter Data: How to Get It, Read It, and Use It to Influence Change

Welcome Reception

Get More Staff without Spending More Money

Momentum in Texas Sheltering Communities

Social Science-Informed Animal Welfare

AmPA! Fundamentals: Enlightened Leadership, Daily Decision Making and Beyond Panel

AmPA! Fundamentals: The Transparent Shelter, Building Trust with your Community

AmPA! Fundamentals: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)- Resources, Responsibility, and Results

Build Team Resilience

Maddie's® Fund Luncheon

Create Leaders from Within: Build a Succession Plan

Analyzing Length of Stay: Make Your Animals Ready and Move Them Fast

Building No Kill Culture Throughout Your Organization

Legislative Advocacy: Influence Laws and Ordinances

Get Your Government's Attention: Political Masterclass

Luncheon with Special Guest Lisa Barden: "The Paradox of Food Waste and Food Insecurity: One Organization’s Attempt to Curb Both"

Maddie's Fund Innovation Grants: the power of innovation to save lives

Facility Tours at APA! and AAC

Facility Tours at APA! and AAC

FeLV Lunch and Learn


Parvo Recruiting Email Template

DPFL Manual

Ringworm Adoption Info Packet

Ringworm Door Waiver 1

Ringworm Faq

Ringworm Protocol Guide

Felv Rack Card

Setting The Record Straight Felv

Helping You Help Felv Cats

Think Felv First

Felv Faq

Felv Adoption Policy

Panleuk Protocol

Cat Nn Pp All In All Out Docx

Decontamination Checklist

Apa Non Toxic Barn Cat Flyer

Barn Cat 101

Protocol For Determining Outdoor Release Candidates

Barn Cat Adoption Procedures

Barn Cat Adopter Take Home

In Need Of Work Flyer

How To Build An Enclosure

How To Screen Adopters

What To Do When They Find A Cat Or Dog

Share Info With Public Felv

Organize Crowdfunding

Canned Responses To Help Callers Emailers Market Their Animals Themselves

Canned Responses To Get Information For Pass To Market The Animal

Dog Foster Scared Dog Email

Getting Foster Dogs Adopted Bio Questionnaire

Dog Foster Match Email

Dog Foster Adoption Dfa Team Canned Emails

Apa Dog Foster Application Nov2017

Dog Foster Handbook Current

Dog Foster Handbook Original

Dog Foster Tracking Sheet Sample

Ampa Style Guide

Ampa Conference

Ampa Conference

Ampa Conference Stacked

Ampa Conference Stacked

Ampa Primary

Ampa Primary

Ampa Primary Horizontal

Ampa Primary Horizontal

Conf Visitor Guide 2019

AmPA! 12 Ingredients for Lifesaving

AmPA! Yearly Data Matrix 2019

Adult Cat Foster Triage

Apa Surgery Note

Apa Dog Foster Application For Maddies 1

Automated Email Response To Volunteer Applicants

Bio Photo Video Needs For Apa Dogs At Tlac And Tarrytown For Maddie S Fund

Bottle Baby Neonatal Kitten Nursery Team Org Chart

Cat Alopecia Protocol

Cat Program Org Chart

Cattery Cleaning

Crashing Puppy Protocol

Dog Alopecia Protocol

Dog Bio Sign Up Please Submit Bios Within 48 Hours Of Claiming For Maddie S Fund

Lifesaving Workbook

Dog Foster Adoption Process Email

Dog Foster Events Checklist

Dog Foster Scared Dog Email Template For Maddie S 1

Dog Foster Scared Dog Placement Protocol

Dog Foster Tracking Sheet Sample

Dog Info Form 1

Dog Foster Handbook Current

Dog Foster Handbook Original

Felv Testing Protocols

Getting Started Welcome Email

Hospitalization Sheet Sheet1

How To Age Neonatal Kittens

In Kind Donation Form Updated Jan 2019

Medical Terms And Treatment Reference Guide

Minor Volunteer Agreement And Parent Waiver

Parvo Med Chart Updated 2018

Parvo Treatment Flow

Parvo Ward Intake Form

Pass Canned Email Responses Organize Crowdfunding

Pass Canned Email Responses For Animal Marketing

Sample Donation Email Request Form

Sample Interview Checklist For New Foster Screening

Share Info Canned Email Found Dog Or Cat

Share Info With Public How To Screen Adopters

Share Information With Public Fiv Felv

Short Term Volunteer Agreement 1

Volunteer Application And Agreement And Release

What To Expect When You Re Expecting To Foster Puppies

Young Cat Foster Triage



Ryan Clinton

Dr. Ellen Jefferson


Speaker List

Parvo Program Wiki


Our Work


Maddie's Lifesaving Academy Landing Page




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2018 End of Year Giving

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Dr. Michael White

Michael Bricker

Jay Garrett Jr.

Jessica Powers

Lisa Barden

Jennifer Romesburg

Renena Mccaskill

Jessica Lopez

Kelli Ballenger

Press Release: 2019 American Pets Alive! Conference


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